HNE-22402 European Excursion


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Course coordinator(s)E Siebelink
dr. JHM de Vries
Lecturer(s)dr. JHM de Vries
E Siebelink
Examiner(s)dr. JHM de Vries

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B1 and B2 phase of the BSc Nutrition and Health programme


Every year a 7-10 day European Excursion will be organised by students and staff. At least one, but in general 2 or 3 European countries will be scheduled in the excursion programme and visits may be planned to universities, nutrition and health institutions, food and nutrition industries, non-governmental organisations (ngo's) and other organisations active in the field of nutrition and health.
Registration is only open for students registered in the BVG or MNH programme. The number of participants is limited and priority will be given to BVG students.

Learning outcomes:

After the excursion the students will be able:
- to describe the nutrition degree programme of other European universities in relation to the Wageningen programme;
- to describe the diversity in European nutritionists;
- to describe the nutrition and health policies in other European Countries in relation to the Dutch nutrition and health policy;
- to describe the role and functioning of nutritionists (from various specializations) within universities, industries, ngo's and other organizations in other European countries;
- to evaluate the excursion by writing a report, a self-evaluation and giving an oral presentation.


The students prepare themselves on the excursion programme by reviewing the organisation structure, the activities and publications of the institutions to be visited. Prior to the excursion discussion points will be raised in presentation and discussed within small groups and subsequently within the whole group. Throughout the excursion the students participate actively in the discussions with the hosts and they will write short reports of the meetings and visits. Within four weeks after the excursion an overall Excursion Report will be finished and delivered.


The European Excursion will be marked as testimonium.


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