HNE-20806 Metabolic Aspects of Nutrition


Studiepunten 6.00

Practical intensively supervised24
Course coordinator(s)dr. WT Steegenga
Lecturer(s)dr. WT Steegenga
dr. ir. GJEJ Hooiveld
dr. N de Wit
dr. ir. R Stienstra
Examiner(s)dr. WT Steegenga
dr. J Schwarz

Language of instruction:

Dutch with a limited number of lectures in English

Assumed knowledge on:

HNE-10806 Nutrition and Health II.

Continuation courses:

HNE-23306 Pharmacology and Nutrition, HNE-34306 Advanced Metabolic Aspects of Nutrition


This course is an introductory course into the physiological biochemical and metabolic aspects of human nutrition. It covers the basic chemical and metabolic properties of the various nutrients, including fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and trace elements, and water and fat-soluble vitamins. This course will lay the groundwork for understanding how nutrients affect human health and disease.

Learning outcomes:

After the course, the student is expected to:
- have basic knowledge about pathology of the digestive system in relation to the normal anatomy and physiology;
- understand the structure/function relationship of the various nutrients;
- know the function of nutrients in human metabolism;
- have a basic knowledge about the relation between nutrition and physical activity;
- know the principles of energy regulation within the human body;
- have a basic understanding of the major nutrition-related disorders of modern society;
- be familiar to various molecular techniques that are currently used in molecular nutrition research.


To reach these objectives, the student will:
- prepare and follow lectures;
- follow a practical course in which various (molecular) techniques will be applied (mandatory);
- read, interpret and present a scientific article (mandatory).


Multiple-choice questions.


A course guide including manuals and powerpoint presentations of the lectures will be provided through the digital learning environment of the course. Book: to be announced.

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