HNE-11306 Nutrition and Health III: Knowledge of Foods


Studiepunten 6.00

Learning supported by IT12
Practical intensively supervised36
Project learning4
Course coordinator(s)dr. JHM de Vries
KJ Borgonjen
Lecturer(s)dr. JHM de Vries
KJ Borgonjen
dr. ir. M Mars
dr. ir. M Dekker
dr. ir. MA Kabel
Examiner(s)dr. JHM de Vries

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The central theme is knowledge on foods, looking at different aspects with a focus on health, composition and sensory aspects.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of the course the students will have knowledge of and be able to:
- practice the basic characteristics of foods;
- practice nutritional value, labeling, legislation and sensory aspects on foods;
- practice the major quality aspects of foods and their ingredients;
- explain and evaluate all above mentioned aspects of foods by ranking foods in a food group in relation to health aspects;
- present the results by writing a report.


The course consists of lectures, practicals, e-learning and group work.


Assessment will be based on written examination, a report and individual contribution to the working groups.


A course reader will be available at the WUR shop/Forum. Bodi: Whitney E, Rolfes S. Understanding Nutrition 12th edition. ISBN-13: 978-538-73476-9
Nederlandse Voedingsmiddelen tabel 2006. 42e druk. 2010. Voedingscentrum Den Haag. Available at the WUR Shop. Additional literature and documentation will be provided through the Blackboard learning environment.

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