EZO-10406 Human and Animal Biology, dissection free, part 1


Studiepunten 6.00

Learning supported by IT16
Practical intensively supervised36
Problem-based learning3
Course coordinator(s)A Terlouw
Lecturer(s)A Terlouw
dr. I Palm
dr. SWS Gussekloo
dr. AG Nieuwenhuizen
Examiner(s)prof. dr. ir. JL van Leeuwen

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

Celbiology (CBI-10306)

Continuation courses:

Human and Animal Biology, part 2


See the description of course EZO-10306: Human and Animal Biology 1.

Learning outcomes:

See the description of course EZO-10306: Human and Animal Biology 1, excluding learning outcome: 'practice basic skills of vertebrate dissection'.


Lectures, various practicals (either zoological, histological, or physiological) and self-study (books, articles, ICT-CDs) are the main student activities. This course differs from EZO-10306 in that the practicals involving dissection are replaced by practicals involving: anatomy display mounts, biorama and fluid preparations, more histology, ICT and biochemical experiments, leading to similar learning outcomes, except for the scientific analysis by preparing and observing dissections.
In group assignments the students explore and discuss a case of whole body energetics and evaluating it at a plenary session.


The course consists of two parts which are each examined separately. The grades of the two tests are averaged. The tests are computer-exams. When all practicals and other obligations are fulfilled the final grade becomes available.


Handouts of the lectures, a syllabus of the practicals, the information on the website, and several chapters from:
- Hickman CP et al.: 'Integrated Principles of Zoology' Mc Graw-Hill, 15th edition (2011);
- Animal Behavior Reader;
- StanField L.S.: 'Principles of Human Physiology', Pearson, 4th edition (2011).