DEC-22306 Macroeconomics & Policy


Studiepunten 6.00

Literature study
Problem-based learning12
Course coordinator(s)dr. JG Klomp
Lecturer(s)dr. JG Klomp
Examiner(s)dr. JG Klomp

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

Economics B (ECH-10406), Macroeconomics and International Trade (DEC-21806)

Continuation courses:

Microeconomics (ECH-21806), Spatial and Regional Economics (ECH-21306), Public Finance (ENR-22306), Environmental Economics in Practice (ENR-50806)


This course deals with the subject of macroeconomics for a closed economy. It establishes the major determinants of national income, unemployment, and inflation and investigates the policies that can improve the macroeconomic performance of a national economy. The focus is on both theory and policy. Topics are: how can we stabilise the short-run fluctuations of an economy? How can we promote economic growth? How can we fight inflation, or reduce unemployment? In addition, the course deals with the major social-economic problems and recent developments of the Dutch economy and a number of related government policies, all within a European setting.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to understand and apply the basic principles of macroeconomics of a closed economy. In particular they are expected to be able to:
- measure (in a conceptual way) national income, inflation, and unemployment;
- employ the Keynesian model, the Classical model, and the Solow model for studying the business cycle and economic growth;
- analyze the effects of fiscal policy and monetary policy in both the short and the long run;
- understand the role of money and the sources of inflation;
- understand the money market;
- apply the principles of macroeconomics to recent debates about the Dutch economy such as the economic consequences of the ageing population.


Hearing lectures on the course materials. Practicals in which students make exercises on the course materials and write and present a paper.


Participation of the practicals and written exam.


Mankiw, N.G., and M.P. Taylor Macroeconomics, European Edition Worth Publishers, 2008.

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