ANU-20306 Principles of Animal Nutrition


Studiepunten 6.00

Learning supported by IT48
Practical intensively supervised18
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. RP Kwakkel
dr. ir. WF Pellikaan
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. RP Kwakkel
dr. LH de Jonge
dr. ir. AFB van der Poel
dr. ir. JW Schrama
prof. dr. ir. WH Hendriks
dr. ir. WF Pellikaan
Examiner(s)dr. ir. RP Kwakkel
prof. dr. ir. WH Hendriks

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Continuation courses:

ANU-50806 Feed Formulation Science; ANU-30806 Animal Nutrition & Physiology; ANU-30306 Nutrient Dynamics or ANU-31306 Feed Technology


- nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins), their digestion and utilization for different animals;
- systems for energy- and protein utilization;
- additives, undesired substances and contaminants;
- conservation of roughage.

Learning outcomes:

After following this course, students should:
- have insight into the value of data and concepts that are used in the analysis of feedstuffs;
- have insight into the presence of undesired constituents (level, mode of action, animal effects) in important feedstuffs;
- be able to explain the principles of digestion and utilization by different nutritional characteristics of several animal species (cow, pig, fish, dog, horse, etc.;
- be able to apply systems for protein and energy evaluation for new feedstuffs;
- be able to relate a feedstuff and its objective for use for a certain animal species;
- be able to recognize some 30 important (unprocessed) feedstuffs.


- lecture attendance;
- self study and active participation in lectures;
- working on ICT assignments (cases and self exams);
- participation in practicals: animal feed manufacturing, participation in 'hands-on' excursion to research trials, and chemical analysis of feed and faeces;
- active participation in a broiler trial and dissection.


- written exam about lecture notes and cases.



Verplicht voor: BASAnimal SciencesBSc3WD
Keuze voor: MASAnimal SciencesMScB: Animal Nutrition3WD
Verplicht voor: WUANSBSc Minor Animal Sciences3WD
Keuze voor: WUFAOBSc Minor Foods of Animal Origin3WD