Food Technology (MFT) / MSc


In the MSc programme Food Technology the student meets at a high level of abstraction advanced training in disciplines, which are related to the different specializations of the programme. The level of this training elaborates on the background of the student in the BSc programme. Another highlight is the designing of solutions for problems in the process of producing food, which are arising in several parts of the food chain. Cognition and skills training must teach the student to communicate with colleagues from other disciplines, to analyse and comprehend a problem and to create a solution for the problem. The MSc programme is open for students that hold a BSc or equivalent in one of the following fields: Food Technology, Food Science, Chemical Engineering or related. Students with other BSc degrees will be admitted based on the actual programme in their BSc and/or relevant work experience.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this MSc programme graduates are expected to be able to:
- function independently in the field of specialization in food technology and to contribute to the related fields of food technology;
- create solutions for optimizing food products, giving attention to changing conditions; - lead the process of treatments/trends in food production, or organisations in food technology;
- interpret, analyse and handle of problems alone and with colleagues;
- follow scientific elaborations, see its opportunities and create further steps;
- understand the social consequences which are related to developments in the field of food technology;
- give information and to communicate in society and with relevant scientific media about food products;
- use the knowledge of food science in producing food for animals and/or non-food applications.


- Food Biotechnology Biorefining;
- Food Innovation and Management;
- Product Design;
- Ingredient Functionality;
- Dairy Science and Technology;
- European Master in Food Studies;
- Sensory Science;
- Sustainable Food Processing;
- Gastronomy.

Programme Director

Dr ir R. Hartemink
Phone: 0317-(4)83558

Study Adviser(s)

- Dr ir A.E.M. Janssen
Phone: 0317-(4)82231
- Dr ir J.P.H. Linssen
Phone: 0317-(4)83548
- M. Starovicová, MSc
Email :
Phone : 0317-(4)82790

Programme Committee

Chair: Dr ir A.E.M. Janssen
Secretary: vacancy


Study Association

Nicolas Appert
Droevendaalsesteeg 2, 6708 PB Wageningen
Phone: 0317-(4)84762 Internet: