Nutrition and Health (BVG) / BSc

BSc Gemeenschappelijk gedeelte

Common Part

Choose 1 course from RO1
Choose 0 - 2 courses from RO2

HNE-10306Nutrition and Health I: an Introduction to the Field6.00CSB11AF
MAT-15303Statistics 13.00CSB11MO
PCC-12803General Chemistry for the Life Sciences3.00CSB11MO
HNE-10806Nutrition and Health II: Primer to Nutrition Research6.00CSB12AF
CBI-10306Cell Biology6.00CSB12MO
HAP-10306Principles of Human Physiology6.00CSB13WD
MAT-15403Statistics 23.00CSB14AF
ORC-13803Bio-organic Chemistry for Life Sciences3.00CSB14MO
MCB-10806Social Psychology6.00CSB15AF
HNE-20806Metabolic Aspects of Nutrition6.00CSB15MO
MIB-11306Microbiology and Biochemistry for Nutrition and Health6.00CSB16AF
HNE-11306Nutrition and Health III: Knowledge of Foods6.00CSB16MO
HNE-24806Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health6.00CSB21AF
HAP-21303Integrated Human Physiology3.00CSB21MO
TOX-20303General Toxicology3.00CSB21MO
HNE-20306Nutrition Behaviour6.00CSB22AF
MAT-24306Advanced Statistics for Nutritionists6.00CSB22MO
HNE-23306Pharmacology and Nutrition6.00CSB23WD
HNE-25806Research Methodology for Nutrition and Health I6.00CSB25AF
CBI-20306Cell Biology and Health6.00CSB25MO
HNE-26306Research Methodology for Nutrition and Health II6.00CSB26AF
HNE-22806Food and Health: Practice and Theory6.00CSB26MO
YNH-80312BSc Thesis Nutrition and Health12.00CSB31,2,3,4,5,6
BIC-10306Practical Biological Chemistry6.00RO1B24WD
HNE-37306Applied Data Analysis (in Human Nutrition and Health Research)6.00RO1B24WD
HNE-23801Lectures and Excursion1.00RO2B31
HNE-22402European Excursion2.00RO2B36WD