Economics and Governance (BEB) / BSc

BSc Gemeenschappelijk gedeelte

Common Part

For the BSc Thesis see course description for choice of supervising chair groups and prerequisites. Choose 2 natural science or life science courses in consultation and agreement with your study adviser
RO1: choose 1 course
RO2: choose 1 course
RO3: choose 1 course in consultation and agreement with your study adviser and depending on the chair group which will supervise your BSc thesis
RO4: choose 1 or 0 courses

RHI-10806Economics and Policy in Historical Perspective6.00CSB11AF
MAT-12806Mathematics M (Mathematics for Social Sciences)6.00CSB11WD
ECH-10406Economics B6.00CSB12AF
YRM-10306Research Methods in the Social Sciences6.00CSB13WD
DEC-21806Macroeconomics and International Trade6.00CSB14WD
PAP-10306Public Administration and Policy Making6.00CSB15AF
ENR-20306Environmental Economics and Policy6.00CSB15MO
YSS-10906Analysis of a Problem Situation6.00CSB16AF
DEC-22306Macroeconomics & Policy6.00CSB16MO
AEP-20806Institutional Economics and Economic Organisation Theory6.00CSB21AF
MAT-15303Statistics 13.00CSB21MO
MAT-15403Statistics 23.00CSB21MO
MAT-20306Advanced Statistics6.00CSB22MO
PAP-30806Governance, Trust and Policy Change6.00CSB23WD
ENR-22306Public Sector Economics6.00CSB25AF
DEC-31806Economics and Governance6.00CSB26AF
YSS-81312BSc Thesis Economics and Governance12.00CSB32+3
FNP-24306Governance for Forest, Nature and Biodiversity6.00RO1B25MO
LAW-20306International Policies and Institutions6.00RO1B32AF
AEP-21806Agriculture, Food and Policy6.00RO2B24WD
ENR-21806Environmental Economics in Practice6.00RO2B24WD
AEP-22806Spatial and Regional Economics6.00RO2B25MO
DEC-20806Introduction to Development Economics6.00RO2B31AF
AEP-21806Agriculture, Food and Policy6.00RO3B24WD
ENP-30306International Environmental Policy6.00RO3B24WD
ENR-21806Environmental Economics in Practice6.00RO3B24WD
AEP-22806Spatial and Regional Economics6.00RO3B25MO
PAP-30306Designing Innovative Policy Arrangements6.00RO3B26MO
DEC-20806Introduction to Development Economics6.00RO3B31AF
YSS-21303Excursion Management, Consumer Studies and Economics3.00RO4B35WD+6WD