Forest and Nature Conservation (BBN) / BSc

BSc Gemeenschappelijk gedeelte

Common Part

With VWO Mathematics B choose RO1, with VWO Mathematics A choose RO2
Choose 1 course from RO3 in consultation with your study adviser

YEI-10306Introduction Environmental Sciences6.00CSB11AF
NCP-10503Ecology I3.00CSB11MO
NCP-20503Ecology II3.00CSB11MO
SAL-10306Human Geography6.00CSB12AF
MAT-15403Statistics 23.00CSB12MO
LAD-10806Soil and Water I6.00CSB13WD
FEM-10306Ecology of Forests6.00CSB14WD
FNP-11806Forest, Nature, Society6.00CSB15AF
LAD-22803Soils and Landscapes of the Netherlands3.00CSB15MO
MAT-14903Mathematics 23.00CSB15MO
BIS-10306Flora and Fauna of the Netherlands6.00CSB16WD
NCP-10806Forest and Nature Conservation I: Introductory Field Course6.00CSB16WD
GRS-10306Introduction Geo-information Science6.00CSB22MO
FNP-21306Management of Forest and Nature Organisations6.00CSB24WD
FNP-23303Planning in Forest and Nature Conservation3.00CSB25AF
NCP-21803Ecology of Communities, Ecosystems and Landscapes: Theory3.00CSB25AF
FEM-20909Forest and Nature Conservation II - Management Planning and Tools9.00CSB26WD
NCP-22303Ecology of Communities, Ecosystems and Landscapes: Field Excursions3.00CSB26WD
FNP-30306Strategic Planning in Forest and Nature Conservation6.00CSB31AF
NCP-80812BSc Thesis Forest and Nature Conservation12.00CSB32AF+3WD, 5AF+6WD
FNP-32806Science and Expertise in Nature and Environment6.00CSB32MO
MAT-15303Statistics 13.00RO1B12MO
MAT-14803Mathematics 13.00RO2B12MO
REG-31806Ecological Methods I6.00RO3B31MO
YRM-21306Research Methodology for Human Environment Interactions6.00RO3B31MO

Major A - Policy and Society

Limited choice:

Choose 1 course from RO1

FNP-23806People and Forest and Nature Conservation6.00CSB21AF
PAP-20806Public Administration and Environmental Law6.00CSB21MO
ENR-20306Environmental Economics and Policy6.00CSB23WD
FNP-24306Governance for Forest, Nature and Biodiversity6.00CSB25MO
COM-20806Environmental Communication and Innovation6.00RO1B22AF
LAW-20306International Policies and Institutions6.00RO1B22AF

Major B - Ecology and Conservation

LAD-21806Habitat Analysis for Ecologists6.00CSB21AF
FEM-22306Forest Resources and Sustainable Management Systems6.00CSB21MO
EZO-21803Basic Principles of Vertebrate Zoology3.00CSB22AF
REG-20803Applied Animal Ecology3.00CSB22AF
PPH-10306Biology of Plants6.00CSB23WD
REG-20306Resource Ecology6.00CSB25MO