BSc Minor Urban Environmental Management (WUUEM) / BSc


Now that more than half of the world population is living in urban centres around the world, securing a safe and healthy urban environment is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, cities are major nods in the global networks of consumption and production responsible for utilizing of biggest shares of the worlds fossil and natural resources.
The BSc minor introduces the core disciplines (Technology, Policy, Land Use Planning) and issues of Urban Environmental Management to BSc students of various disciplines from within and outside Wageningen University. The scope of the BSc minor is limited to the 'grey' area of environmental management: the management of environmental flow streams like water, waste and energy in and between cities and industries; the technologies and infrastructures accommodating these flows; the stakeholders using, regulating and managing the flows; and urban spatial planning.
The BSc minor introduces the urban technological principles and its social implications, policy options and planning approaches for managing the urban environment.
Successful completion of the BSc minor would offer BSc students other than Environmental Sciences access to the Masters programme Urban Environmental Management.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:
- analyze the dynamics of industrialized societies, particularly concerning the transitions in urban environmental infrastructures (i.e. energy, water, waste);
- explain the basic principles of urban environmental technology and tools of environmental management;
- develop feasible policy and management options with regard to urban environmental management on the basis of selected theories, concepts and tools;
- describe and motivate the possible contribution of environmental technology to a sustainable industrial development and society;
- make plans and socio-technical scenarios towards sustainability in urban contexts;
- evaluate and reflect upon existing as well as their own long-term strategies and planning practices towards 'sustainability' in urban environmental systems;
- understand the central concepts of spatial planning and applications of them ;
- reflect on personal action and thinking;
- work in (multi or interdisciplinary) teams;
- present results of experimental research and desk study.

BSc Minor Coordinator

Dr ir B.J.M. van Vliet
Phone: 0317-(4)82473

Target Group

This minor is interesting for BIN, BIL, BAT, BBC, BGM, BLP, BBW and BEB.
Non-WU BSc Environmental Sciences, Geography, Planning.

Components of the BSc Minor