BSc Minor Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WUINE) / BSc


The minor focuses on the value of knowledge, and on innovation and entrepreneurship in life sciences, environmental sciences, and agriculture. It will familiarize students with the interplay between the production of science and technology and the commercialization of academic knowledge and design. This minor will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the gaps between science and business, and will enable them to bridge these gaps.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:
- have developed an entrepreneurial spirit, necessary to become an entrepreneurial researcher or manager, a business entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial consultant;
- be pro-active, recognizing and selecting opportunities, networking and getting insight in the critical success factors in entrepreneurship and innovation, within their disciplinary field;
- have developed awareness about the value of scientific research and learned that in their future life they will have the responsibility to actively transfer their knowledge to society;
- understand the impact of science, to offer new opportunities for society and environment and its impact on economy;
- understand the basics of intellectual property, the various forms of IP, how to deal with IP-rights and how to deal with patents;
- analyse and explain business models, based on management and marketing concepts and understand the key concepts in the field of entrepreneurship and the various stages of the entrepreneurial process;
- have developed, through intensive practical exercises, a number of entrepreneurial competences in innovation processes and the role of communication;
- understand the basic underlying economic principles of business development and functioning of a firm, and more specifically of a farm.

BSc Minor Coordinator

Dr V. Blok
Phone: 0317-(4)83623

Target Group

This minor is interesting for all BSc students, except BBC students The more specific target programmes for this minor are the BSc's in life science and technology.

Components of the BSc Minor