BSc Minor Foods of Animal Origin (WUFAO) / BSc


The BSc minor focuses on topics which are important in producing products of animal origin. The production of meat- and milk products and the important issues during the production processes are discussed. Also quality systems and quality aspects of foods of animal origin are part of this minor. The composition of feed influences the composition of meat (products) and milk (products). Also attention is paid to food related allergies and intolerances, in which products of animal origin are often main factor. The BSc minor is developed for students from the bachelor programs Food Technology (BLT) and Animal Science (BDW), although other bachelor students can attend this minor too (BBT, BML, BVG, BAT, BPW, BBI, BMW, 'HBO' Food Technology and Veterinary Sciences).

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:
- recognize the importance of the feed composition in relation to animal products;
- summarize the composition and energy content of feed;
- explain the major changes of a physical, (bio)chemical and microbiological nature that occur during storage and further processing of dairy and meat;
- interpret the mechanisms of action of major food allergens causing adverse reactions;
- apply general food technological knowledge to dairy and meat products;
- assess the risks involved in using food raw materials containing potential allergens.

BSc Minor Coordinator

Dr ir J.P.H. Linssen
Phone : 0317-(4)83548

Target Group

This minor is interesting for BDW, BLT, BBI, BBT, BVG, BAT, BPW, BMW and BML.

Components of the BSc Minor