Rural Sociology (RSO)



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Bodenr. : 50


Hollandseweg 1
Leeuwenborch Gebouw 201
6706 KN  Wageningen


Postbus  8130
6700 EW  Wageningen

Contact person(s) education

RSO-11303Animal Science in Society
RSO-12306Biosystems Engineering and Society
RSO-12806Sociology and Anthropology of Health
RSO-13303Science, Technology and Society
RSO-20806Agricultural and Rural Development: Sociological Perspectives
RSO-21306Policy, People and Resources in Comparative Perspective
RSO-21806Origin Food: a Market for Identity
RSO-22306Food Culture and Customs
RSO-30806The Sociology of Farming and Rural Life
RSO-31806Understanding Rural Development: Theories, Practices and Methodologies
RSO-33306Food Health and Society: an Integrated Socio-political Perspective
RSO-33806Social Dimensions of Health and Bodily Care
RSO-50806Capita Selecta Rural Development
RSO-51303Capita Selecta Agricultural and Rural Innovation Processes
RSO-54806Capita Selecta Food Culture
RSO-70424MSc Internship Rural Sociology
RSO-70427MSc Internship Rural Sociology
RSO-70430MSc Internship Rural Sociology
RSO-70433MSc Internship Rural Sociology
RSO-70436MSc Internship Rural Sociology
RSO-70439MSc Internship Rural Sociology
RSO-80424MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
RSO-80427MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
RSO-80430MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
RSO-80433MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
RSO-80436MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
RSO-80439MSc Thesis Rural Sociology