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Contact person(s) education

MST-21306Advanced Management and Marketing
MST-23406New Venture Creation: from Idea to Business Plan
MST-23806Introduction to Management and Life Sciences
MST-24306Management and Marketing
MST-24806Supply Chain Management
MST-25306Management and Policy in the Health Sector
MST-30306Technology, Innovation and Strategy
MST-31306Case Studies Management/Advanced Business Strategy
MST-31806Advanced Facility Management
MST-32306Strategic Change Management and Innovation
MST-32806Management and Economics of Health Care and Public Health
MST-50401Capita Selecta Management Studies
MST-50402Capita Selecta Management Studies
MST-50403Capita Selecta Management Studies
MST-50404Capita Selecta Management Studies
MST-50406Capita Selecta Management Studies
MST-51306Selling Science and Technology
MST-51806Basics of Entrepreneurship
MST-52806Introduction Facility Management
MST-53306Closed Cycle Design
MST-70424MSc Internship Management Studies
MST-70427MSc Internship Management Studies
MST-70430MSc Internship Management Studies
MST-70433MSc Internship Management Studies
MST-70436MSc Internship Management Studies
MST-70439MSc Internship Management Studies
MST-80424MSc Thesis Management Studies
MST-80427MSc Thesis Management Studies
MST-80430MSc Thesis Management Studies
MST-80433MSc Thesis Management Studies
MST-80436MSc Thesis Management Studies
MST-80439MSc Thesis Management Studies