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ENP-10806Environmental Policy Instruments
ENP-20806Environmental Management and Industry
ENP-22803Theories and Themes: Sociology
ENP-23806Sustainability Transitions: Concepts, Issues and Indicators
ENP-24305Social Scientific Analysis of Environmental Issues
ENP-30306International Environmental Policy
ENP-31306Sustainable Technology Development
ENP-31806Globalization and Sustainability of Food Production and Consumption
ENP-32306Advanced Environmental Economics and Policy
ENP-32806Sociological Perspectives on Environmental Change
ENP-33306Environment and Development
ENP-34306Environmental Policy: Analysis and Evaluation
ENP-35306Political Theory
ENP-35806Environmental Quality and Governance
ENP-36306Climate Governance
ENP-36806Governance for Sustainable Cities
ENP-50306Capita Selecta Environmental Policy
ENP-50803Capita Selecta Environmental Policy
ENP-51306Major Works in Contemporary Social Theory
ENP-52306Policy Analysis and Multi-level Governance
ENP-52806Ocean and Coastal Governance
ENP-53306Water Governance: Concepts and Practices
ENP-70424MSc Internship Environmental Policy
ENP-70427MSc Internship Environmental Policy
ENP-70430MSc Internship Environmental Policy
ENP-70433MSc Internship Environmental Policy
ENP-70436MSc Internship Environmental Policy
ENP-70439MSc Internship Environmental Policy
ENP-80424MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP-80427MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP-80430MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP-80433MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP-80436MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP-80439MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP-81603BSc Thesis Environmental Policy and Economics Part 1
ENP-81609BSc Thesis Environmental Policy and Economics Part 2