Landscape Architecture and Planning (BLP) / BSc - Major Spec. B - Spatial Planning (B)

Description Landscape Architecture and Planning

Common part

Limited choice:

Before starting with the BSc-thesis students must have completed at least 102 credits of CS and RO courses including all 60 credits of the B1

LUP-24306Concepts and Approaches in Planning Practices6.00CSB21AF
PAP-20806Public Administration and Environmental Law6.00CSB21MO
LUP-35806Mobility & Network Infrastructures6.00CSB25MO
LUP-20306Planning and Research Methods6.00CSB26WD
LUP-30806Studio Participative Planning6.00CSB26WD
LUP-37312Studio Strategic Planning12.00CSB35WD
LUP-80812BSc Thesis Spatial Planning12.00CSB36WD