Biology (BBI) / BSc - Major Spec. C - Health and Disease (C)

Description Biology

Common part

Limited choice:

In period 5 MO you have to follow two specialization courses. You have to do CBI20803 and have to choose between TOX20303 or VIR20803. These three courses are scheduled in such a way that students can follow all three courses in period 5 MO.
RO1: choose at least one course.

BIC-10306Practical Biological Chemistry6.00CSB24WD
CBI-20803Introduction to Human Immunology3.00CSB25MO
HAP-21806Behavioural Endocrinology6.00CSB26WD
NEM-20806Basics of Infectious Diseases6.00CSB31AF
HAP-30306Nutritional Physiology6.00CSB32MO
TOX-20303General Toxicology3.00RO1B25MO
VIR-20803Human Infectious Diseases3.00RO1B25MO