Courses by period 4  (Bachelor)

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Courses A
WDAEP-21806Agriculture, Food and Policy
MOAEW-23803Water 2
WDAEW-31306Water Quality
WDAFI-33306Sustainability in Fish and Seafood Production
WDAPS-20806Systems Approach in Animal Sciences
Courses B
WDBIC-10306Practical Biological Chemistry
WDBIC-20306Cell Physiology and Genetics
WDBMO-24806Supply Chain Management
WDBMO-25306Management and Innovation in the Health Sector
WDBMO-26306Organisational Behaviour & Business Management
BPE-12301National Excursion Biotechnology
Courses C
WDCPT-24306Risk Communication
WDCPT-26306Cross-Cultural Studies
WDCPT-30806Social Justice, Technology and Development
WDCSA-20806Population and Systems Ecology
Courses D
WDDEC-20306Rural Households and Livelihood Strategies
WDDEC-21806Macroeconomics and International Trade
Courses E
WDENP-11806Sociology & Tourism
WDENP-30306International Environmental Policy
WDENP-31806Globalization and Sustainability of Food Production and Consumption
MOENP-37803Sustainable Technology Development
AFENP-38803Sustainable Technology Development: Analysis Assignment
WDESA-23806Tourism Systems Analysis
Courses F
WDFCH-11306Nutritional Aspects of Foods
FEM-70812BSc Internship Forest Ecology and Forest Management
FEM-70818BSc Internship Forest Ecology and Forest Management
WDFNP-21306Management of Forest and Nature Organisations
WDFNP-24806People and Forest and Nature Conservation
FNP-70812BSc Internship Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
FNP-70818BSc Internship Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
WDFQD-21306Food Packaging and Design
WDFQD-24306Case Studies Product Quality
Courses G
WDGEN-11306Evolution and Systematics
WDGEO-24306Tourism Destination Management
WDGRS-10306Introduction Geo-information Science
Courses H
WDHSO-30306Health Policy and Action
Courses I
AFINF-22803Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms for Health
WDINF-34306Data Science Concepts
Courses L
WDLAR-29306History of Ideas in Landscape Architecture and Planning
WDLAW-12306Legal Regulation and Management of Production Chains
WDLUP-13306Theory and Methodology of Planning and Design
Courses M
WDMAQ-30306Atmospheric Practical
MOMAT-14903Mathematics 2
AFMAT-15003Mathematics 3
MOMAT-15003Mathematics 3
AFMAT-15403Statistics 2
MOMAT-15403Statistics 2
MOMAT-24306Advanced Statistics for Nutritionists
WDMAT-26306Control Engineering
WDMCB-30306Consumer Behaviour: Concepts and Research Methods
AFMIB-10306Microbiology & Biochemistry
Courses O
MOORC-12803Organic Chemistry 1
AFORC-13803Bio-organic Chemistry for Life Sciences
WDORL-33306Decision Science for Technology
Courses P
WDPBR-21306Biosystematics, Evolution and Agrobiodiversity
AFPCC-12803General Chemistry for the Life Sciences
MOPCC-12803General Chemistry for the Life Sciences
PEN-70812BSc Internship Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation
PEN-70818BSc Internship Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation
Courses R
REG-70812BSc Internship Resource Ecology
REG-70818BSc Internship Resource Ecology
Courses S
WDSGL-12306Tourism Geographies
WDSGL-80812BSc Thesis Soil, Water, Atmosphere
AFSOC-22803Principles of Soil Processes
Courses Y
WDYAS-32306Companion Animals
YBI-38301Skills portfolio for BBI
YBI-70324BSc Internship Biology
WDYBI-85812BSc Thesis Biology
YBT-80324BSc Thesis Biotechnology
YFS-10301Excursions and lectures Food Technology
YFS-70312BSc Internship Food Technology
YFS-80824BSc Thesis Food Science and Technology
YHP-23810BSc Honours Broadening
YHP-31312BSc Honours Deepening
YHP-31803BSc Honours Personal Development
YNH-21301Lectures and Excursion
YNH-80312BSc Thesis Nutrition and Health
YPS-82318BSc Thesis Plant Sciences
WDYRM-10306Research Methods in the Social Sciences
WDYRM-21306Research Methodology for Human Environment Interactions
YWU-70318BSc Internship International Land and Water Management
YWU-80324BSc Thesis Biosystems Engineering
YWU-80812BSc Thesis International Land and Water Management