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Courses A
AFABG-20306Animal Breeding and Genetics
MOAEP-33306Economics of Agribusiness
Courses B
MOBIF-20306Introduction to Bioinformatics
MOBIP-24806Atomic and Molecular Structure
WDBMO-26306Organisational Behaviour & Business Management
BPE-12301National Excursion Biotechnology
AFBPE-13303Introduction to Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology
MOBPE-22306Basic Cell Factory Design
Courses C
MOCBI-10806Introduction to Cell Biology
AFCLB-10803Reproduction of Plants
MOCPT-12306Introduction to Strategic Communication
MOCPT-25306Research Methods for Communication Sciences
Courses D
AFDEC-20806Introduction to Development Economics
AFDEC-32306International Economics: Trade and Development
Courses E
MOENP-11303Sustainable Solutions to Environmental Problems
MOENP-20806Environmental Management and Industry
AFETE-10806Introduction Environmental Technology
MOETE-21306Water Treatment
Courses F
AFFEM-11306Introduction to Forest and Nature Conservation
MOFEM-22306Forest Resources
FEM-70812BSc Internship Forest Ecology and Forest Management
FEM-70818BSc Internship Forest Ecology and Forest Management
AFFHM-20306Food Microbiology
AFFNP-30306Strategic Planning in Forest and Nature Conservation
FNP-70812BSc Internship Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
FNP-70818BSc Internship Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
MOFPE-20806Mathematical Concepts for Food Technology
AFFPH-10306Introduction to Food Technology
AFFQD-23806Meat Science
MOFQD-24306Case Studies Product Quality
AFFQD-33806Usability Research in Product Design
AFFTE-12303Introduction Biosystems Engineering part 1
Courses G
AFGEN-30306Genetic Analysis Trends and Concepts
WDGEO-11806Tourism: Principles & Practice
WDGEO-12306Society, History & Globalisation
AFGEO-20406Human Geography: Theory and Practice
MOGRS-10306Introduction Geo-information Science
Courses H
AFHAP-11303Academic Skills for Biologists
MOHAP-20306Human and Animal Biology, part 2
MOHAP-21303Integrated Human Physiology
AFHNH-10806Nutrition and Health: Macronutrients, Energy and Health
AFHNH-24806Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health
AFHNH-30506Principles of Sensory Science
MOHPP-20306Physiology and Development of Plants in Horticulture
AFHPP-22803Concepts in Environmental Plant Physiology
MOHSO-10806Introduction to Health and Society
MOHWM-10803Introduction Soil, Water, Atmosphere
AFHWM-24306Environmental Hydraulics
Courses I
MOINF-21306Data Management
AFINF-22306Programming in Python
Courses L
AFLAR-25806Studio Site Design
MOLAR-29806Planting, Construction and Representation 1
AFLUP-24306Concepts and Approaches in Planning Practices
Courses M
MOMAQ-11306Air Quality
MOMAT-12806Mathematics M (Mathematics for Social Sciences)
AFMAT-14803Mathematics 1
MOMAT-14803Mathematics 1
AFMAT-14903Mathematics 2
AFMAT-15303Statistics 1
MOMAT-15303Statistics 1
MOMAT-15403Statistics 2
WDMAT-15806Research Methods 1
AFMAT-20306Advanced Statistics
MOMAT-20306Advanced Statistics
AFMAT-23306Multivariate Mathematics Applied
WDMAT-25806Research Methods 2
MOMAT-26806Data Analysis for Biosystems Engineering
AFMCB-10806Social Psychology
AFMCB-12806Introduction to Management and Consumer studies
MOMCB-20806Principles of Consumer Studies
AFMCB-32306Applied Consumer Studies
AFMIB-20306Microbial Physiology
Courses N
MONEM-10306Introduction Plant Sciences
AFNEM-20806Basics of Infectious Diseases
Courses O
AFORC-11806Analytical Methods in Organic Chemistry
MOORC-12803Organic Chemistry 1
AFORC-12903Organic Chemistry 2
AFORC-13803Bio-organic Chemistry for Life Sciences
MOORC-13803Bio-organic Chemistry for Life Sciences
AFORL-20306Decision Science 1
Courses P
AFPAP-20306Studying Public Governance: Key Concepts and Leading Authors
MOPAP-20806Public Administration and Environmental Law
AFPAP-21806European Union Institutions and Policies
WDPAP-22306Policy, Governance & Law
MOPBR-22303Plant Breeding
AFPCC-12303General Chemistry 1
MOPCC-12303General Chemistry 1
AFPCC-12803General Chemistry for the Life Sciences
MOPCC-22803Theory of Relativity
MOPEN-10503Ecology I
MOPEN-20503Ecology II
AFPEN-22806Habitat Analysis for Ecologists
PEN-70812BSc Internship Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation
PEN-70818BSc Internship Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation
MOPHP-21303Fundamentals of Plant Pathology and Entomology
Courses R
MOREG-31806Ecological Methods I
REG-70812BSc Internship Resource Ecology
REG-70818BSc Internship Resource Ecology
AFRHI-10506Introduction to International Development Studies
AFRHI-10806Economics and Governance in Historical Perspective
MORSO-12306Biosystems Engineering and Society
Courses S
WDSGL-80812BSc Thesis Soil, Water, Atmosphere
AFSLM-10306Land Degradation and Remediation
AFSLM-11303Exploring Professional Practices
MOSLM-20806Water Quantity and Quality
MOSSB-20306Bioinformation Technology
Courses T
MOTOX-20303General Toxicology
Courses U
AFUEC-31806Economics and Governance of Energy Transitions
Courses W
MOWRM-10306Irrigation and Water Management
MOWRM-12803Orientation on International Land & Water Management
Courses Y
AFYAS-10306Introduction to Animal Sciences
MOYAS-21303Personal Development and Academic Skills
WDYAS-80312BSc Thesis Animal Sciences
YBI-38301Skills portfolio for BBI
YBI-70324BSc Internship Biology
YBI-85812BSc Thesis Biology
YBT-80324BSc Thesis Biotechnology
YFS-10301Excursions and lectures Food Technology
WDYFS-20301Foreign Study Trip Food Technology
YFS-70312BSc Internship Food Technology
YFS-80824BSc Thesis Food Science and Technology
WDYHP-11802Kick-off BSc Honours Programme@Texel
YHP-23810BSc Honours Broadening
YHP-31312BSc Honours Deepening
YHP-31803BSc Honours Personal Development
AFYML-20303Responsibility and Reflection in Molecular Life Sciences
WDYML-80321BSc Thesis Molecular Life Sciences
YNH-21301Lectures and Excursion
YNH-21803Skills Portfolio for BVG
YNH-80312BSc Thesis Nutrition and Health
YPS-82318BSc Thesis Plant Sciences
MOYRM-21306Research Methodology for Human Environment Interactions
YSS-81812BSc Thesis Business Studies
YSS-82312BSc Thesis Consumer Studies
AFYWU-10803Introduction Environmental Sciences
MOYWU-10803Introduction Environmental Sciences
YWU-70318BSc Internship International Land and Water Management
YWU-80812BSc Thesis International Land and Water Management
Courses Z
WDZSS-06000General Safety
WDZSS-06100Laboratory Safety
WDZSS-06200Fieldwork Safety