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MIB-10306Microbiology & Biochemistry
MIB-11306Microbiology and Biochemistry for Nutrition and Health
MIB-20306Microbial Physiology
MIB-30303Research Methods Microbiology
MIB-30806Applied Molecular Microbiology
MIB-31306Microbial Ecology
MIB-50401Capita Selecta Microbiology
MIB-50402Capita Selecta Microbiology
MIB-50403Capita Selecta Microbiology
MIB-50404Capita Selecta Microbiology
MIB-50406Capita Selecta Microbiology
MIB-50803Human Microbiome
MIB-51301Human Microbiome (online)
MIB-70424MSc Internship Microbiology
MIB-70427MSc Internship Microbiology
MIB-70430MSc Internship Microbiology
MIB-70433MSc Internship Microbiology
MIB-70436MSc Internship Microbiology
MIB-70439MSc Internship Microbiology
MIB-80418Thesis Microbiology
MIB-80421Thesis Microbiology
MIB-80424MSc Thesis Microbiology
MIB-80427MSc Thesis Microbiology
MIB-80430MSc Thesis Microbiology
MIB-80433MSc Thesis Microbiology
MIB-80436MSc Thesis Microbiology
MIB-80439MSc Thesis Microbiology