YWU-70824 Teaching Highschool Physics B


Credits 24.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)ir. RHM Vaessen-Bouwman
Examiner(s)Prof.dr. F.P. Geijsel, RU Nijmegen
Drs. J.A.M.H. van Riswick, RU Nijmegen
Prof.dr. P.A.J.M. Coppen, RU Nijmegen

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Mandatory knowledge:

Minor Education (WUEDU)


This course has to be combined with YWU70812. This course is for students MSc Earth and Environment only. It will take place at “Docentenacademie” at Radboud University, Nijmegen. It is part of the track “eerstegraads onderwijsbevoegdheid Natuurkunde” for Dutch secondary schools. Upon completion of the courses YWU708B12 and YWU70824 and additionally required physics courses students graduate both in the MSc Earth and Environment of Wageningen University and the educatieve master Bètawetenschappen of Radboud University Nijmegen. The additionally required physics courses are:
-    Special relativity (3 cr): PCC-22803 Theory of relativity or 'Speciale relativiteitstheorie' (Natk4All: http://www.natk4all.nl)
-    Quantum physics (6 cr): BIP-11805 Introduction Quantum Mechanics, BIP-23806 Atomic Structure, 'Quantumfysica' (Natk4All or Radboud University)
-    Particle Physics (3 cr): 'Deeltjesfysica' (Natk4All or Radboud University)
-    Electricity and Magnetism (6 cr): 'Elektriciteit en Magnetisme' (Natk4All), NWI-NP037 'Elektriciteit en Magnetisme' (Radboud University) or a combination of NWI-NP019 'Elektriciteit en Magnetisme 1B' and NWI-NP020B 'Elektriciteit en Magnetisme 2B'
More information see: https://www.ru.nl/opleidingen/master/eenjarige-educatieve-masters/studieprogramma-vakken/


This course will take place at “Docentenacademie” at Radboud University, Nijmegen