YSS-12301 Skills for BBC-students


Credits 1.00

Language of instruction:



This course allows students to develop specific academic skills regarding:
- information literacy. The students become familiar with the information resources in the field of business and consumer research;
- working in teams. The students learn to recognise the added value and challenges of working in teams and to optimize teamwork by making contracts with team mates, by using proven methods for organizing the work and by learning how to give and receive peer feed back.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- use information sources that can be accessed via the library network to find, judge and manage information and knowledge efficiently and effectively;
- distinguish the different roles in team work for scientific research, to organise effective and efficient team work, and to provide and receive peer feedback.


Lectures, e-learning modules, tutorials, teamwork literature search and reporting, writing an individual reflection on team work.


The final grade is based on the grade for the literature research report (50%) and the grade for the individual reflection on teamwork (50%). Both items should be completed successfully (at least 5.5).


Materials, documentation, and tasks will be provided in Learning environment@WUR.