YPS-82318 BSc Thesis Plant Sciences


Credits 18.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)dr. AGJ Kuipers
Examiner(s)prof.dr. CS Testerink
prof. dr. ir. MK van Ittersum
dr. JW van 't Klooster
dr. AGJ Kuipers
prof. dr. ME Schranz
prof. dr. ir. J Bakker
prof. dr. ir. RPO Schulte
prof. dr. ir. PC Struik
prof. dr. RGF Visser
prof. dr. M Dicke
dr. ir. GHJ Kema
prof. dr. ir. LFM Marcelis
prof. dr. KE Giller
prof. dr. MM van Oers
prof. dr. ir. GC Angenent
prof. dr. NPR Anten
prof. dr. ir. D de Ridder
dr. ir. IF Kappers
prof. dr. ME Janson
prof. dr. BJ Zwaan

Language of instruction:


Mandatory knowledge:

This course can only be taken with permission of the study adviser, based on sufficient study progress. To start with the bachelor thesis, the student must have a study progress of at least 102 credits of the prescribed part of the programme, including all credits of the first year.

Assumed knowledge on:

Courses of the BSc Plant Sciences. 


The BSc thesis Plant Sciences is the concluding course of the BSc programme Plant Sciences, and focuses on the planning, preparation and performance of a research project in the field of plant sciences. A database is available to choose a suitable project (http://tip.wur.nl). Students learn how to design a research project by orientation on the problem through literature study, defining the research question and preparation of a project proposal including a planning of the research work. In this process they are supervised by a scientific staff member. Based on their project proposal students perform experiments to collect scientific data. In this phase they participate in meetings of their research group. Data processing, analysis and discussion will be the basis of the final thesis report. The BSc thesis will be presented written and orally in BSc thesis sessions for fellow BSc-students. During this course the students write a reflection report on their personal learning goals and study progress during the BSc and prepare a future study plan.

Learning outcomes:

The BSc thesis is the concluding element of the BSc Plant Sciences. After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- reflect on personal knowledge, skills, attitude and functioning;
- formulate individual learning goals based on self-reflection, and incorporate these learning goals in a research proposal and a future study plan;
- perform literature search and literature study;
- design a project proposal (including theoretical background, problem definition, design of research plan, project planning) based on an existing research question at BSc-level;
- perform independent research work under supervision (including experimental methods, data processing, trouble shooting, active participation in research group meetings) at BSc-level;
- survey, apply and integrate relevant academic knowledge regarding a current topic in the field of Plant Sciences under supervision and with the use of feedback;
- write and present an academic report at BSc-level in a clear and understandable way.


- analysis of individual learning goals and preferences with respect to BSc thesis work and further study;
- independent literature search;
- preparation of a detailed project proposal and project plan on a topic in the field of Plant Sciences;
- performing the research project according to proposal and planning;
- analysis and discussion of research data;
- oral and written presentation and discussion of research data.


The BSc thesis Plant Sciences is evaluated and graded by the supervisor and the examiner according to an evaluation protocol and Rubric that are described in the course guide and the reader. The final mark is based on sub-marks for:
- research competencies (35%);
- experimental skills (10%);
- self-reflection report (5%);
- report (40%);
- presentation (5%);
- final discussion (5%).


Available in the study guide. The study guide can be obtained by sending an e-mail to the course coordinator.

Compulsory for: BPWPlant SciencesBSc1,2,3,4,5,6