YNH-20301 Personal Motivation Assessment BVG


Credits 1.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Group work2
Course coordinator(s)ir. E Waterham
ir. MG Nieboer
Lecturer(s)dr. A Jager
dr.ir. RAM Dhonukshe-Rutten
ir. ES van der Mark-Idzinga
ir. RCL Marteijn
ir. E Waterham
ir. MG Nieboer
Examiner(s)ir. MG Nieboer

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Mandatory knowledge:



Personal Motivation Assessment BVG is aimed at students in the BSc Nutrition and Health (BVG) programme. The course offers students an opportunity to increase their self-awareness before they start designing their optional part (free choice). Working with a system of motivational analysis, students find out more about their intrinsic motivation and personal strengths. Knowing your motives serves as a compass to support making conscious study and career choices. Students develop insight which criteria a study, job or profession should meet in order to be able to study and work in a context that fits you as a person.

NOTE: this course overlaps with ELS-51901 Personal Motivation Assessment and they can not be combined in an individual programme.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- describe and analyse meaningful activities using a method for motivational analysis
- explore some jobs/ employers in and outside the field of nutritional science and reflect on it
- get familiar with free choice courses and minors in and outside WU
- create a first (brief) study programme based on your main criteria
- present your intrinsic motivation and talents related to preliminary future (study) career choices and actions
- give feedback on the content and form of the presentation of your group members


- lectures about: discovering your intrinsic motivation and strengths resulting in 'the Motivational Compass'; the career of an MNH alumnus; assessment of the free choice and what to arrange when you want to study abroad;
- tutorials about: peer interviewing each other on meaningful activities and analyzing the data using a method for motivational analysis; online searching for courses and minors at WU and other universities;
- keeping a logbook during the course about your intrinsic motivation and strengths; the working field; your future study career choices and actions; and presentation skills;
- presenting your ideas about the free choice in the form of a pitch.


A pass is received after:
- successful completion of a logbook including a motivational analyses;
- an oral presentation;
- active participation in tutorials and group work.


The course material will be available in Brightspace and provided in class.
The motivation analyses is derived from the book: De kracht van motivatie: Anton Philips en Annemiek van Kessel.

Compulsory for: BVGNutrition and HealthBSc2WD