YMS-32306 Professional Profile


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Individual Paper1
Group work20
Course coordinator(s)J Willet
JA Andernach
Tonie Andernach (UD)
Lecturer(s)dr. LJL Ploum
drs. Toine Andernach (TUD)
Examiner(s)prof. dr. ir. HHM Rijnaarts
prof. dr. ir. JWF Wamelink (TUD)

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Assumed knowledge on:

First year MSc MMD courses.


The professional profile course runs as a recurring reflexive learning line through the second year of the MMD programme. The course will function as the linking pin between the Amsterdam Living Lab course (YMS70324) and the Thesis (YMS-80330). Students will reflect on the interrelation of research, design and engineering, the process of both, and the contribution of the project for society as well as for science. This reflective and integrating process can result in different professional

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to: 
- explore the spectrum of possible career paths of MMD graduates, and identify how they have dealt with these in their studies so far;
- position themselves within this domain and articulate how this personal professional profile is built upon the courses done in the first year of the programme and in their ongoing thesis and living lab work;
- translate the identified profile to possible concrete steps for starting off their careers;
- convincingly present their professional identities, and reflect upon how these are (in part) the result of their work done in this study program so far as well as their future aspirations.


Via interactive sessions and workshops, students receive input and feedback from fellow participants and experienced trainers. Depending on the student's cross-over MADE profile, the course results in a business model design, a PhD proposal, a governance arrangement, a policy paper or an abstract representation of a firm or (non)governmental organisation, based on the results from the Thesis and Living Lab courses that responds to actual needs in the sustainable metropolis.
The course integrates the results of the Thesis and the Living Lab and applies academic and entrepreneurial skills, creatively adding to innovation, and identifying opportunities and challenges that go hand-in-hand with organising, marketing and financing new initiatives, including business ventures and start-ups related to metropolitan challenges of today.
Work forms used in the course:
- workshops on selected skills;
- peer-to-peer sessions;
- networking.


This final course on professional profiling supports graduation by means of personal and peer coaching leveraging results at the end of the graduation project. As such the assessment focusses on the level of individual trans- and interdisciplinary achievement or abilities as explicitly related to the current multidisciplinary professional environment. A rubrics for assessing the possible final products and presentations is available in the course guide. STudents will be assessed with a testimonial (satisfactory/unsatisfactory).


To be announced.

Compulsory for: MMDMetropolitan Analysis, Design & Engineering (JD 2020)MSc1,2,3,4,5,6