YAS-21303 Personal Development and Academic Skills


Credits 3.00

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Course coordinator(s)ir. DE Lont
dr. I Palm
Lecturer(s)dr. I Palm
ir. DE Lont
Examiner(s)ir. DE Lont
dr. I Palm

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Assumed knowledge on:

Courses of BAS B1, B2, B3, and specifically the skills in these courses (i.e. reflection, feedback). 


This course focusses on the development of personal skills and a selection of academic skills in the BSc Animal Sciences. The course is divided in two parts: (a) a self-assessment for BSc-students (BSc Assessment), that offers the students an opportunity to increase their self-awareness in order to make conscious choices for the free-elective space in the third study year and (b) a modular part for training academic skills to prepare them for their BSc thesis.  The BSc Assessment takes place in the second year, the modular skills training is scheduled in the third year and students are assumed to take this part in linkage with the BSc-thesis (YAS-80312).

The BSc-assessment provides students with tools for motivating and planning the optional part of the BSc and their further (educational) future. Working with online questionnaires, 360° feedback, self-analysis and group discussions, students find out more about their preferred communication and behaviour style, their qualities and motivated activities to support them in making conscious choices for study, career, and life issues. These insights will help with setting goals and planning towards these goals.
The modular academic skills training provides in various modules aimed at different (aspects of) writing and presenting skills. Students reflect on the skills they already developed during the previous years of their BSc programme and determine what they need in order to start their BSc thesis.

Learning outcomes:


After successful completion of the BSc assessment students are expected to be able to:
- identify his/her own motivated qualities and illustrate these in a short narrative (STARS);
- design a personal profile based on self-reflection;
- use this personal profile to design and plan his/her study program;
- discuss his/her profile, give and receive feedback about personal profiles and choices in a group setting.

Modular Academic Skills

- After successful completion of training in academic skills students are expected to be able to:
- recognize gaps in their skills development, necessary for completion of the academic bachelor thesis;
- demonstrate sufficient competence in skills to be able to start the BSc thesis. Specific learning outcomes for these skills depend on the selection of modules.


- be present at the compulsory lectures: 2 h introduction, and 2 h on analysis;
- make online questionnaires independently (1.5 h) within the deadline;
- set out 360° feedback in their network (0.5h) within the deadline;
- analyze the results of the questionnaires and 360° feedback and integrate them in a personal profile. Make exercises as part of the profile (STAR and Core Quality Quadrant analysis) (4 h);
- participate in compulsory group sessions to discuss personal profiles and study choices (1 h).

Modular Academic Skills:
- reflect on skills development during the bachelor and pitch a plan;
- select (aspects of skills) to train in preparation for the BSc thesis;
- develop skills competences to BSC thesis level.


BSc Assessment: pass or fail. Students pass when they successfully completed all required activities.
Modular Academic skills: pass or fail based on the content of the skills modules
The overall course is judged by means of a testimony.


During the different course parts, materials are made available to students by e-mail. 

Compulsory for: BASAnimal SciencesBSc1MO, 5MO