XWT-32305 Colloid Chemistry


Credits 5.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)prof. dr. ir. RGH Lammertink
ir. PHA van Dorenmalen
Lecturer(s)dr P Raffa
prof. dr. ir. RGH Lammertink
dr.ir. JE Dykstra
Examiner(s)dr P Raffa
prof. dr. ir. RGH Lammertink
prof. dr. ir. HHM Rijnaarts


The course focuses on general treatment of colloidal systems and their relevant interfaces, including adsorption at these interfaces. Equations are derived mainly from thermodynamic principles to describe the behaviour of interfaces related to interfacial energy, wetting, adsorption, and surface potential. The student gets an overview of recent developments in adhesion and wetting, insight into (theories of) colloidal stability, charged interfaces and the electro-kinetic behaviour of colloids.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- apply theory related to colloidal interactions;
- apply the Laplace equation to calculate the pressure drop over a curved interface;
- apply the Kelvin equation to determine the effect on interface curvature on vapor pressure and solubility;
- explain and describe different interfacial phenomena (wetting, adsorption, colloidal stability);
- identify which factors influence the stability of colloidal systems and make qualitative predictions;
- understand the role of colloidal processes in water technology;
- analyse and assess bio-colloid interactions and their effects on biological processes in water technological systems.


- participating lectures/tutorials to provide some additional background material;
- self-study to prepare for the lectures/tutorials;
- performing exercises and case assignments.


The final result is the average of three open book exams. The minimum grade of each exam is 5.5. A bonus arrangement applies.


Barnes, G.T. and Gentle, I.R., Interfacial science, an introduction, 1st ed. ISBN13 - 9780119278824 or 2nd (revised) ed. ISBN13 - 9780199571185.

Compulsory for: MWTWater Technology (joint degree)MSc2WD