XUC-31303 Advanced Food Business Management


Credits 3.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)N Chatsisvili
Examiner(s)dr. S O'Reilly, Department of Food Business and Development

Language of instruction:



This course is open only for students in the European Master in Food Studies specialisation of the MSc Food Technology.

This module is delivered in two parts, the first addresses process & supply chain management and the second addresses project management and business models.
Part one examines the role of operations in the business and how this has evolved over time, within this context the role of Supply Chain Management is addressed. In doing so we consider key issues impacting on food supply chains, supply chain processes and also take a more strategic view and consider supply chain design. 
Part two includes an online course and a team assignment. The online course covers all main elements of project management, including project framework and tools, project planning and scheduling, cost, quality and risk, team management, project execution and closure. The team assignment is based on the development of a project plan that uses these main elements of project management. Using the Business Canvas methodology, a number of tools and techniques are employed to develop value-centric business models.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- describe the evolution of operations and supply chain management and critically assess its usefulness in today's food business environment;
- employ best practice project management tools;
- use the Business Canvas to generate and test value propositions;
- consider the challenges a food company may face when adopting a supply chain management approach;


- on-line course;
- lectures;
- workshops.


- examination (50%);
- completion of e-learning project management course (10%);
- team Project Management assignment report (40%).

Compulsory for: MFTEMSpec. European Masters in Food Studies EMMSc3WD+4WD