WRM-12803 Orientation on International Land & Water Management


Credits 3.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Group work8
Excursion (one day)8
Course coordinator(s)ir. B Bruins
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. MJPM Riksen
S van der Kooij
MSc L Pol
A Pachuau MSc
GJ Borghuis
MT Wessels
Examiner(s)ir. B Bruins

Language of instruction:


Continuation courses:

SLM-1AB003 Exploring Professional Practices


In this course students are introduced to the domain and approach of the BSc program International Land & Water Management (BIL). Students will study the natural science and social science foundations of land and water management, and learn how the synthesis of these disciplines helps to generate interdisciplinary understandings and perspectives on interventions. Based on this insight, students come to understand the logic of the curriculum and the purpose of the constituent courses. They attend lectures of staff, senior students and graduates and participate in excursions and a role play. Finally, students develop their competencies to perform and communicate - orally and in writing in an international learning environment.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- explain what the study of international land and water management entails;
- explain the relevance of the interdisciplinary nature of the study program in relation to the domain;
- understand the relevance of the different courses in realizing the learning outcomes of the study program;
- verbally articulate their views in a clear and culturally sensitive manner.


Lectures, excursions, tutorial on presentation skills.


Written exam (70%) and reflection report on presentation skills development (30%). Both marks need to be >5.5.


Reading material will be made available on Brightspace.

Compulsory for: BILInternational Land and Water ManagementBSc1MO