SGL-22803 Soils and Landscapes of the Netherlands


Credits 3.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Field practical40
Course coordinator(s)dr. A Makaske
Lecturer(s)JHJ Candel
IM Lubbers
dr. A Makaske
Examiner(s)dr. A Makaske

Language of instruction:


Mandatory knowledge:

ZSS06200 Fieldwork Safety


Note: This course can not be combined in an individual programme with SGL-22306 Geology, Soils and Landscapes of the Rhine-Meuse Delta and/or SGL-23312 Landscape Geography.

This course focuses on the relationships between geology, geomorphology, hydrology, soil formation and the genesis and identity of the Dutch landscapes (including land use and land use dynamics). Attention will be paid to cultivated regions as well as nature conservation areas. Special attention will be paid to nature development in connection with the Dutch ecological network. Field practicals in four different landscapes, which alternate with the lectures, exemplify and deepen the substance matter.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- explain the genesis and identity of landscape (including land use and land use dynamics) at different scales as a function of the interaction between geological, hydrological, pedological, ecological and anthropogenic processes;
- explain and interpret the genesis, spatial distribution and properties of geological deposits, geomorphological units and soils in different landscapes;
- evaluate the possibilities and limitations for land use (agriculture, nature and nature development) based on soil and landscape properties.


- attend lectures;
- study the book (Jongmans et al., 2013);
- participate in field practicals.


- the final mark is fully based on a written interim examination at the end of the course;
- presence during field practicals is compulsory: lost days (not allowed) need to be followed in the next year (no mark);
- active participation in the field practicals is needed; in case of insufficient participation, the grade can be adapted (up to -10%).


Jongmans, A.G.; Berg, M.W. van den;[]. (2013). Landschappen van Nederland; geologie, bodem en landgebruik. Wageningen, NL: Wageningen. 2 dl. 942p. ISBN 9789086862139.
Field practical workbook; available at the WUR shop.

Compulsory for: BBNForest and Nature ConservationBSc5AF