SDC-50904 Capita Selecta Sociology of Development and Change


Credits 4.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)dr. FM Köhne
dr. ED Rasch
dr. J de Koning
Lecturer(s)Mrs. E Cavagni (Build Your Movement BYM)
dr. FM Köhne
dr. ED Rasch
Mr. S Khatib (Build Your Movement BYM)
Mr. V Deinum (Build Your Movement BYM)
Mrs. S Saraie (Build Your Movement BYM)
Examiner(s)prof. dr. BE Büscher

Language of instruction:

NL and/or EN


The student may opt to study additional literature and be examined on a topic within the field of expertise of any of the senior staff of SDC. The topic and contents of the Capita Selecta are discussed with and agreed upon the lecturer and the student before the start of the course.

Learning outcomes:

Students are aided by staff in the formulation of specific objectives.


- lectures;
- self-study.


Essay, (oral) examination.


To be agreed with the individual supervisor.