MAE-50306 Short Research Project in Marine Animal Ecology


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Individual Paper12
Course coordinator(s)prof. dr. AJ Murk
Lecturer(s)prof. dr. AJ Murk
dr. R Osinga
dr. LE Becking
dr. R Nijland
Examiner(s)dr. LE Becking
dr. R Osinga
prof. dr. AJ Murk

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Continuation courses:

Thesis and internship MAE


Marine animal ecology (MAE) studies how marine animals adapt in response to a changing environment over ecological and evolutionary time-scales. The research project can focus on different organismal levels, from eco-physiology, early life-stage development, population genomics, up to whole ecological community responses. It is also possible to conduct a research project aimed at gaining a better understanding of the consequences of climate change and anthropogenic activities to ecosystem services and conservation management strategies.
The aim of this individual course is that students apply previously acquired knowledge and skills within a real-life research environment. Students will either design a project proposal based on recent literature, carry out a designated project (including reporting) analyze an existing dataset or write an article in the format of a scientific or review publication for a scientific journal.
When you are interested in doing a short research project in Marine Animal Ecology, please make an appointment with one of lecturers of MAE working on subjects that best fit your interest. ( You can also contact Tinka Murk if you want to brainstorm about an interesting subject. The planning of a short research project can be flexible, and is not necessarily restricted to a specific period.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to apply previously acquired knowledge and experimental skills in order to:
- develop a testable hypothesis based on a selected set of publications;
- design a realistic work plan;
- execute a designated research project provided by the supervisors;
- report the results of a designated research project provided by the supervisors;
- write a report in the form of a research publication for a peer reviewed journal based upon an existing series of data for example originating from an MSc thesis;
- write a review on a dedicated subject in the form of a review publication for a peer reviewed journal.


Evaluation of the written material and performance during the short research project following a rubric that will be made available at the start of the project.


Will be provided at the start of the course