GEO-20406 Human Geography: Theory and Practice


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Individual Paper1
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)dr. K Doughty
Lecturer(s)dr. K Doughty
Examiner(s)dr. K Doughty

Language of instruction:


Continuation courses:

GEO-37306 Global Landscapes and Place-Making


Note: This course can not be combined in an individual programme with GEO-10306 Human Geography.

The course provides an overview of the relationships between human beings and the world that surrounds us. The course explores human geographical perspectives on the meanings of places and spaces for individuals and society. We critically examine the relationship between people and places from a variety of angles, including the concept and understanding of nature and wilderness; how different environments are constructed and how they impact on social life; and explore relationships between places and human identity and wellbeing. The course will provide students with the tools for thinking in new ways about everyday environments, both urban and green.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- explain how different people interpret the environment;
- explain how people produce the environment;
- describe how the environment is enabling and constraining human behaviour;
- define the main geographical concepts associated with the interaction between people and space;
- apply geographical theories and concepts to the analysis of spatial settings;
- analyse spatial conflicts between social actors.


- literature study;
- lectures.


- written exam (50%);
- paper (50%).


A reading list will be made available.

Compulsory for: BBNForest and Nature ConservationBScA: Policy and Society1AF
BESEnvironmental SciencesBScA: Environmental Policy and Economics1AF
Compulsory for: WUPPNBSc Minor Policies, People and Nature Conservation1AF