GEN-21803 Principles of Human Genetics


Credits 3.00

Teaching methodContact hours
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Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. SE Schoustra
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. SE Schoustra
J van den Heuvel
Examiner(s)dr. ir. SE Schoustra

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Assumed knowledge on:

CBI-10306 Cell Biology, High school Biology, Human Fysiology and Anatomy


This course will introduce students to the Principles of Human Genetics.
Students will become familiar with genetic terminology and concepts to understand the role of genetics, epigenetics and life style/environment in variation in human diseases and traits.
Methods for genetic analysis of single-gene Mendelian, non-Mendelian as well as complex multifactorial traits will be discussed.
Wet lab practical exercises will be performed to study the relation between phenotypic and genotypic variation.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- understand the role of genetics, epigenetics and environment in variation in human diseases and traits;
- understand and execute practical experiments to study genetic variations at DNA level;
- apply methods for genetic analysis to potential research questions.


Lectures and Lab-practical.


As this is a new course taught for the first time in 2019/2020, the assessment strategy and -method is under construction and will be elaborated in the course guide.


A textbook and a course guide will be provided. Details to be announced.

Compulsory for: BVGNutrition and HealthBSc6AF