FTE-70433 MSc Internship Farm Technology


Credits 33.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)drs. APHM Janssen
Examiner(s)prof. dr. ir. EJ van Henten
prof. dr. ir. PWG Groot Koerkamp

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

For the internship project relevant FTE-courses.


The academic MSc internship is a period in which the student puts the acquired knowledge and skills into practice and at the same time gain relevant work experience at an academic level. The aim of the internship is to apply knowledge and skills in a potential future work field. The tasks performed during the internship are at an academic Master level.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- justify career interests and ambitions in relationship to the internship project and reflect on professional ambitions and capabilities;
- perform a set of general professional skills at a master level;
- transfer acquired knowledge to a professional context and to conduct advanced work tasks and projects;
- evaluate the scientific and societal context and relevance of the internship project tasks;
- realize personal learning outcomes (which could include domain-specific skills). Students formulate a minimum of two specific personal learning outcomes in consultation and agreement with their Wageningen University supervisor.


The contents and type of activities are different for each internship. Besides the internship activities the student will also:
- Work out the learning agreement and a detailed action plan for the internship;
- Complete the internship/research assignment and activities to the best of the student’s abilities;
- plan and execute a mid-term evaluation with the host supervisor;
- plan and execute evaluation moments with the WU supervisor (including the midterm evaluation);
- present the outcomes of the internship at the internship organization (if possible, invite the WU supervisor for the final presentation);
- write two reports on the internship: a report on the content and context of your internship (in case of an internship consisting of several interlinked projects) or a research report (in case of a research driven internship) and a reflection report.


Wageningen University is responsible for the assessment and the final grade. The internship supervisor must provide an evaluation of your performance during your internship. The assessment will be based on four elements:

the evaluation of the professional skills by the internship supervisor at the internship provider

the internship report;

the personal reflection report and reflection on the organization;

- the oral defence;

The minimum mark for each element is 5.50. For assessment by the university supervisor and examiner, the Wageningen University Assessment Form and rubric (appendix C) will be used.