FSE-31306 Organic Animal Production


Credits 6.00

Lecturer(s)U Khumairoh

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

Animal husbandry, development principles.

Continuation courses:

FSE-30306 Analysis and Design of Organic Farming Systems.


The course consists of three parts and in the group work (case-study) these parts will be integrated. The first part is about the aims of sustainable development, with a focus on the interactions of soils, plants, microbes and animals with management and environmental factors.
The second part is about organic production principles based on the specific features behaviour, ecology and integrity of animals, including land use needs. In this part we will also pay attention to issues like feed balances carbon and nutrient cycling, manure quality alternatives for the heavy use of antibiotics and price transparency of animal products.
The third part is dealing with extension and design methods (such as participatory design of animal production systems and permaculture) to achieve sustainable organic animal production systems.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course the students:
- are aware of the ecological, social and cultural principles of organic animal husbandry;
- are aware of the context in which organic animal husbandry has to be developed;
- know the principles and the management of some key topics in organic animal husbandry systems;
- are able to quantify the cycle of nutrients and/or energy and carbondioxide on organic and non-organic animal husbandry systems;
- are aware of prices and margins in organic and conventional animal production chains from farmer to consumer;
- are able to apply the gained knowledge, insights and practices into the design/development of organic animal husbandry systems.


- lectures;
- selfstudy;
- problem-directed: case-study in teams of 3-4 students in a redesigning exercise;
- at least 4 excursions.


- written exam;
- presentation of case studies;
- and report of excursions.


A reader is available on the first course day.