FCH-37403 Laboratory Class II - Food Ingredient Technofunctionality


Credits 3.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)ir. MJB Molenaar
Lecturer(s)dr. E Scholten
dr. JP Vincken
Examiner(s)dr. E Scholten
dr. JP Vincken

Language of instruction:


Mandatory knowledge:

ZSS06100 Laboratory Safety

Assumed knowledge on:

Food Ingredient  Technofunctionality DL.


Note: This course is part of a distance learning programme and not available for campus students. Self-registration for this course is not possible.

This course comprises a 2-week laboratory class at the campus of Wageningen University & Research and addresses the techno-functionality of various classes of food ingredients (polysaccharides, proteins, and lipids/surfactants). Chemical characteristics of food ingredients are measured in order to predict their techno-functional properties. These properties are verified by physical measurements. Subsequently, physical systems relevant to food products (e.g. emulsions, gels, and foams) are built and the interactions between food ingredients are related to their fine structure, as well as to the conditions (e.g. pH, ionic strength) employed. The various forces/concepts underlying the stability of these systems are discussed.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- Design a strategy to identify a group of unknown technofunctional ingredients.
- Select and conduct experiments to analyse chemical properties and the technofunctionality of ingredients.
- Defend deliberate choices in application of ingredients.


During the practical, students will work in small groups of around 3 students to determine the exact chemical structure of different ingredients using a variety of techniques. Additionally, you will study the interactions between food ingredients in different model systems (foams, gels, emulsions). A tutorial to plan and design the experimental set-up will be provided prior to the lab classes.


The final grade is based on evaluation of the performance during the experimental work and on the quality of a PowerPoint presentation. To pass the course, the final grade should be at least a 5.5.


All information will be provided in Brightspace.

Compulsory for: MFTDLSpec. Food Technology DLMSc3DL