FCH-36803 Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery - Proteases, Lipases & Bioreactors


Credits 3.00

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Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. MA Kabel
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. AEM Janssen
dr. ir. MA Kabel
dr. ir. PA Wierenga
Examiner(s)dr. ir. MA Kabel
dr. ir. PA Wierenga

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This course builds on the enzymatic aspects of protein and lipid conversion. Examples of these enzymes in food and biorefinery processes will be discussed. Matrix effects and properties of the enzyme play a role in predicting enzyme kinetics. For proteases, the focus will be on understanding important resulting parameters, such as degree of hydrolysis and peptide chain length. In order to be able to predict the enzymatic process in a bioreactor,
enzymatic conversions will be discussed and mass balance calculations, including enzyme kinetics, will be done.

Note: This is a distance learning course. This course can not be combined in an individual programme with FCH-31306 Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery. For campus students this course can not replace FCH-31306 Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- understand the mode of action of protein and lipid degrading enzymes;
- understand how to analyze and calculate protein hydrolysis parameters;
- predict the course of an enzymatic process by kinetic calculations in various reactor set-ups (e.g. batch, CSTR, plug flow.


- knowledge clips, textual explanations and animations, including exercises with feedback;
- a calculation case to understand how to calculate protein hydrolysis parameters;
- a study case to apply enzyme kinetics in various reactor set-ups.


The final grade is based on a remote proctored written theory examination.


Information will be made available in Brightspace. A handbook for additional background reading, but not necessary to buy: Handbook of Food Enzymology (2003), Whitaker et al. (Ed), Marcel Dekker Inc, New York, US.

Compulsory for: MFTDLSpec. Food Technology DLMSc2DL