ELS-65700 The Art of Public Speaking


Credits 1.50

Teaching methodContact hours
Independent study0
E-learning material0
Course coordinator(s)A Pachuau MSc
Lecturer(s)A Pachuau MSc
MSc. L Huijgen
Examiner(s)A Pachuau MSc

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ELS-65500 Argumentation Skills


This course is for students that want to train in the art of public speaking. The course is for those that want to align their public speaking with themselves as persons, those that want to deliver high-impact presentations and those that want to speak comfortably in front of an audience. It focuses on the development of the student as an authentic speaker in their area of expertise, both for inexperienced and experienced speakers. The students will practice how to create a personal persuasive talk, how they can connect to an audience and how they can keep the attention. It starts with exploring the student's personal style of presenting. Based on this a suitable content track will be chosen to deepen knowledge. Practice and personal feedback on effective public speaking are the central elements. The students will present, give each other feedback and are responsible for their own learning process by choosing personal goals. During the last two sessions each student will deliver a presentation of 7 minutes. The presentations will be self-evaluated through video-analysis and active assignments. The course can be used as a preparation for a thesis presentation or as active support for presenting in other academic and non-academic settings. 

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- describe their strengths and learning opportunities related to their personal presentation style;
- show responsibility for their own learning process according to individually formulated goals and progression;
- find and know different theories and experiment with practices that support progression regarding personal effective speaking;
- make a connection with the audience and be able to adapt to different contexts;
- apply methods of persuasion and authenticity within an academic presentation;
- deliver a structured and clear, visually-supported presentation.


- during the sessions students will do various exercises on aspects of effective public speaking;
- during the sessions students practice and discuss presenting related to their individual focus;
- during the sessions students will give several presentations;
- in between the sessions students will do several assignments depending on their individual focus;
- students will receive feedback on their own presentations from fellow students and students will give feedback on presentations of fellow students;
- after the sessions students will reflect on their strong and improvement points, experiences, progression and create a future focus.


Students performance will be assessed by:
- the degree of public speaking (60%);
- the quality of active personal assignments in which the student deepens knowledge, practices and reflects on his/her learning experiences (40%).
Both parts need a minimum mark of 5.5. Active participation in the course is prerequisite for passing.


Our Public Speaking Library can be accessed through the course’s Brightspace.