ELS-52306 Teaching and Training Skills


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Individual Paper1
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)ir. WMM Kop
Lecturer(s)ir. WMM Kop
ir. B Brinkman
Examiner(s)ir. WMM Kop

Language of instruction:

NL and/or EN

Continuation courses:

ELS-52206 Orientation on the Teaching Profession.


This course focuses on the development of both teaching, training and tutoring skills. These skills are necessary for preparing, delivering and/or facilitating presentations, colloquia, lessons, workshops and other learning activities. In this course we do not only focus on presentation skills, but also on connecting to your audience. Therefore students will practice interactive presentations, and activating assignments in workshops. Exercises prepare the students for short presentations, an interactive presentation and an activating workshop. After each performance, feedback is provided by both the teacher and the fellow students. This enables the students to (learn to) reflect and to develop professional behaviour.
NB. The course will be taught in Dutch in P1 and P4. The course will be taught in English in P5.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- describe and apply the three main teaching and training methods: presenting, interacting and designing and facilitating group work;
- prepare themselves properly for (scientific) teaching and instructional activities and describe their own preferences for certain teaching and training methods;
- recognize various communication skills which enhance teaching and instruction activities and apply these when presenting, interacting with an audience or leading and facilitating group work;
- adequately use various audio-visual aids;
- give constructive feedback on the performance of fellow students;
- receive feedback on their own performance in front of and within the group and use it for their personal and professional development;
- evaluate their own and other's performance in teaching, training or tutoring;
- write a reflection report, based on learning experiences during the course, including all points as mentioned above.


Students will analyze their personal experiences with regard to teaching, training and tutoring, and formulate learning goals based on these experiences. They will give several short presentations, an interactive presentation and an activating workshop. They will observe the presentations/workshops of fellow students and provide constructive feedback based on these observations. They have to record learning experiences with regard to the learning outcomes as mentioned above, and write a reflective paper related to these learning experiences. Students carry out an additional assignment related to teaching, training and tutor skills, to practice certain skills in a different setting. They write an additional paper related to this assignment.


The grade will be based on the quality of:
- presentations/workshop (5%);
- reflection paper with regard to the sessions (55%);
- reflection paper about the additional assignment (40%).
Each component needs a minimum grade of 5.5 to pass.


Manual available on Learning environment@WUR.