Management and Consumer Studies (BBC) / BSc - Major Spec. B - Consumer Studies (B)

Description Management and Consumer Studies

Common part

Limited choice:

Before starting with the BSc-thesis students must have completed at least 102 credits of CS and RO courses including all 60 credits of the B1.
RO-2: Choose 0 or 1 course
RO-3: Choose 0 or 1 course

CHL-20806Lifestyles and Consumption6.00CSB23WD
UEC-31306Human Decision Making6.00CSB24WD
UEC-22306Economics of Consumption, Welfare and Society6.00CSB25AF
MCB-30306Consumer Behaviour: Concepts and Research Methods6.00CSB25MO
YSS-82312BSc Thesis Consumer Studies12.00CSB31,2,3,4,5,6
FQD-33806Usability Research in Product Design6.00CSB31AF
MCB-32306Applied Consumer Studies6.00CSB31AF
CPT-23306Communication & Persuasion6.00CSB32MO
YSS-21303European Exchange programme Management, Economics and Consumer Studies3.00RO2B35WD+6WD
CHL-20306Gender and Diversity in Consumer Culture6.00RO3B32AF