YBI-85812 BSc Thesis Biology


Credits 12.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. ME Huigens
Lecturer(s)ir. MV Coppens
ing. A Teunissen MSc
PA den Besten MSc
ir. AJ Hoetmer
ICA Keizer MSc
drs. AMP Kersten
dr. ir. ME Huigens
VL van Berlo MSc
Examiner(s)ir. MV Coppens
prof. dr. T Bisseling
VL van Berlo MSc
prof. dr. NPR Anten
prof. dr. ir. GC Angenent
prof. dr. ir. AH Kersten
prof. dr. FJJM Bongers
prof. dr. ir. F van Langevelde
prof. dr. AA Koelmans
PA den Besten MSc
prof. dr. BJ Zwaan
prof. dr. RE Creamer
prof. dr. M Dicke
prof. dr. ir. TJG Ettema
prof. dr. MAM Groenen
ir. AJ Hoetmer
dr. ir. ME Huigens
prof. dr. ir. J Keijer
dr. ir. GHJ Kema
dr. ir. MJ Ketelaar
prof. dr. ir. D Kleijn
prof. dr. ir. J Komen
prof. dr. R Leemans
prof. dr. ir. JL van Leeuwen
prof. dr. VAP Martins dos Santos
prof. dr. AJ Murk
prof. dr. M Naguib
prof. dr. MM van Oers
prof. dr. ir. IMCM Rietjens
prof. dr. ir. HFJ Savelkoul
prof. dr. M Scheffer
prof. dr. ir. BJG Scheres
prof. dr. ME Schranz
prof.dr. CS Testerink
ing. A Teunissen MSc
prof. dr. D Weijers
prof. dr. J Wells
prof. dr. ir. GF Wiegertjes
ICA Keizer MSc

Language of instruction:


Mandatory knowledge:

To start with the bachelor thesis, students must have a study progress of at least 102 credits of the prescribed part of the programme, including all credits of the first year programme.

Assumed knowledge on:

This course is subject to a formal intake procedure by the examiners. Registration for the course before the registration deadlines (one month before the start) is required by sending an e-mail to office.biologie@wur.nl. The student is not allowed to start the BSc thesis when registration was not done in time. For more information about the registration and intake procedure see the website of the Biology programme (brightspace.wur.nl > Biology programme information) & the BSc thesis manual. The manual can be found on brightspace.wur.nl > Biology programme information and will also be provided upon registration via e-mail.
A lot of BSc thesis subjects need some preparation of the chair group e.g. grow plants, order chemicals. Please, start at least two months in advance with discussing possible BSc thesis subjects with your potential supervisor. Assumed knowledge is all the course of the common partand one of the majors.


Students investigate a biological question making use of knowledge and skills learned during their BSc Biology.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- use advanced knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts and mechanisms in biology to answer a biological research question;
- analyse concepts, approaches and methods and reflect upon scientific biological literature;
- write a research plan (including theoretical background and problem definition, design of research plan, back-up strategies, project planning) in the field of his/her major with the BSc Biology;
- carry out the research plan within the available time;
- do experiments, collect data/literature and/or simulate data in the field of his/her major within the BSc Biology (under supervision);
- analyse and interpret relevant data in the field of his/her major in the BSc Biology using common research techniques;
- draw conclusions based on the analysed data answering the research questions, critically reflect on own research and put own research in an existing research context using literature;
- report the results of the experiments in the form of an article;
- orally present the results of experiments.


Students choose a subject for their BSc thesis and write a research plan, which they present to their fellow students. Next, they carry out their research plan. A scientific article is written to present the results of their research. Finally, students present the results of their work to fellow students.


Students are evaluated based on their:
- research competencies (30-40%);
- practical skills (0-10%);
- article (50%);
- oral presentation of the results (10%).
The evaluation of the research competencies, practical skills and article is done by two members of a chair group, of which at least one should be an assistant professor, associate professor or full professor. The other member should have at least an MSc degree. The chair holder holds final responsibility. The oral presentation of the results is evaluated by the Education team of the Biology programme


A course manual can be found at brightspace.wur.nl > Biology programme information and K. Knisely: A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology (Fourth Edition).

Compulsory for: BBIBiologyBSc1,2,3,4,5,6