UEC-10406 Microeconomics and Behaviour


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)dr. MJJ Handgraaf
Lecturer(s)dr. J van Beek
dr. LKE Dries
dr. MJJ Handgraaf
Examiner(s)dr. MJJ Handgraaf
dr. LKE Dries

Language of instruction:



- consumer theory;
- producer theory of markets;
- behavioural economics.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- define the basic concepts of microeconomics and behavioral economics;
- apply microeconomic and behavioral economic theories to consumer and producer behavior;
- calculate optimal solutions of consumer and producer problems using mathematical skills and theoretical insight.


- hearing lectures (once a week) on the course materials;
- self-study and self-practicing on economic problems provided both in the course book and on MyPortal/Blackboard;
- a few example exam questions will be provided on the web;
- question hours (once a week) in which remaining questions will be answered.


Seven weekly multiple-choice exams in English on the material studied in the respective week, replacing the regular exam.
Participation in at least six exams is obligatory; absence at more than one exam will result in failure, and taking the re-exam.
The re-exams will be multiple choice (also in English) and will cover the entire course content.


Frank, R. H., & Cartwright, E. J. (2016). Microeconomics and Behaviour (2nd European Edition). London: McGraw-Hill Education. 602 pp. ISBN-13: 9780077188979.

Compulsory for: BBCManagement and Consumer StudiesBSc2AF
BEBEconomics and GovernanceBSc2AF
Restricted Optional for: WUBBSBSc Minor Biobased Sciences2AF