ORL-30806 Operations Research and Logistics


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)dr. R Haijema
Lecturer(s)dr. KGJ Pauls-Worm
dr. D Krushynskyi
dr. R Haijema
Examiner(s)dr. R Haijema
dr. KGJ Pauls-Worm

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

ORL-20306 Decision Science 1.


This course broadens and deepens the knowledge and skills acquired in ORL-20306 Decision Science 1.
The global aim is to learn to deal with new (difficult) models and algorithms. The focus of the course is on supporting logistical decision processes in a business environment by means of quantitative models and techniques.
Long-term as well as short-term management/control of good-flows and required production factors are studied. Some of the topics: location-allocation problems (strategic control level), production planning and inventory management (tactical control level), capacity and revenue management, routing problems (operational control level), non-linear and dynamic programming, and simulation-based optimization.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- classify typical decision problems in logistics;
- deduce a quantitative model for presented decision problems in logistics;
- judge which technique and algorithm is appropriate to solve the formulated problem;
- apply (newly) provided algorithms to calculate a solution to a provided decision problem;
- evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of algorithms.


- studying the literature;
- acquiring knowledge, skills and insight by active participation in the tutorials;
- making exercises and acquiring skills by active participation in the tutorials and practicals.


The written open book exam has to be passed with a score equal or higher than 50 out of 90 points. With the practicals 10 points maximum can be obtained. Written exam + practicals = max 100 points.
Admission condition to the written exam: sufficient assessment of the practicals during the course.


Ghiani G, Laporte G, Musmanno R. (2013). Introduction to logistics systems management, 2nd ed. Wiley. 478 p. ISBN-10: 1119943388; ISBN-13: 978-1119943389.
Claassen, G.D.H., Hendriks, Th.H.B., Hendrix E.M.T. (eds.), 2007. Decision Science, Theory and applications. Chapters 7, (8), 11 and 12.
Reader Computer Practical's Operations Research and Logistics (Brightspace).
Slides and supporting material (Brightspace)

Compulsory for: MFQFood Quality ManagementMScB: Spec. B - Quality and Food Logistics6MO
Restricted Optional for: MMEManagement, Economics and Consumer StudiesMScD: Spec. D - Management in Life Sciences6MO
MMEManagement, Economics and Consumer StudiesMScA: Spec. A - Business Studies6MO
MMEManagement, Economics and Consumer StudiesMScA: Spec. A - Business Studies6MO
MBEBiosystems EngineeringMSc6MO