FEM-50402 Capita Selecta Forest Ecology and Forest Management


Credits 2.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Field practical12
Excursion (one day)12
Excursion (multiple days)12
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)dr. UGW Sass-Klaassen
prof. dr. ir. GJ Nabuurs
Lecturer(s)prof. dr. ir. GJ Nabuurs
Examiner(s)prof. dr. ir. GMJ Mohren

Language of instruction:

NL and/or EN

Mandatory knowledge:

To be defined per Capita.

Assumed knowledge on:

To be defined per Capita.


This is a so-called 'open course' that is used by the FEM group to present current, cutting-edge debates in an educational setting. Moreover it provides the possibility to offer activities, such as field weeks or excursions which supplement FEM courses. This Caput is worth 2 credits, and will be announced in the Resource.
The course can also be used by individual students to delve into a forest ecology or forest management subject of their choice. In this latter case students are aided by staff in the formulation of the specific content of the course.
Learning outcomes, activities, examination and literature will be specified per Caput.

Learning outcomes:

To be defined per Capita.


To be defined per Capita; can be desk studies (data analyses, literature studies, publication writing) but also one-day or multiple day excursions.


To be defined per Capita; commonly written reports.