ZSS-05000 Get a Grip on your Studies


Credits 0.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)S Ransijn-Prickaerts MSc
VL van Berlo MSc
ing. A Teunissen MSc
Lecturer(s)ing. A Teunissen MSc
VL van Berlo MSc
S Ransijn-Prickaerts MSc
Examiner(s)ing. A Teunissen MSc
VL van Berlo MSc
S Ransijn-Prickaerts MSc

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For more info about this course send an email to Studyskills@wur.nl’.

This training is designed to give international BSc- and MSc-students insight in their study approach and learning style(s). Students learn about their learning style, different study techniques and strategies, prioritizing and time-management. In addition, attention will be given to taking exams, dealing with procrastination and stress. The training offers insights and handles to make choices and set priorities that contribute to that what students really want to achieve in relation to their studies. Students also learn to manage time and make effective choices, set priorities and plan activities accordingly.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this training, the student is expected to be able to:
- know his/her learning style;
- make effective schedules based on your priorities/goals in the short and long term;
- use different study techniques (reading techniques, using notes, schedules, etc.);
- approach different exams (multiple choice, open questions, open source, oral);
- tackle procrastination and deal with stress.


Explanation of theories, practical assignments, discussion, reflection and feedback.


No examination.


Provide through Brightspace.