FTE-12303 Introduction Biosystems Engineering part 1


Credits 3.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Excursion (one day)12
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)drs. APHM Janssen
Lecturer(s)drs. AMP Kersten
dr. ir. JW Hofstee
ir. MA Zijp
prof. dr. ir. PWG Groot Koerkamp
ir. G Moerland
dr. ir. A van 't Ooster
Examiner(s)prof. dr. ir. PWG Groot Koerkamp

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Continuation courses:

FTE-12803 Introduction biosystems engineering Part 2


This course is the introduction to the domain biosystems engineering. For scheduling reasons the course is split in two parts. The focus of this first part is on acquiring knowledge on the most important technology used in different biosystems for the production of food, non-feed, and resources. The focus of the second part is more on applying the knowledge acquired in the first part of the course..
The three main items in this course are:
- plant (open field) production engineering;
- animal production engineering;
- greenhouse production engineering.
Each week will be introduced with a lecture in which the most important items are presented. You will study the theory and there is an excursion to illustrate the theory. Later that week there is a discussion in groups on the theory to identify which aspects are not clear and to clarify them supported by the lecturer. At the end of the week there is a short test on the theory of that week.
The course incorporates two skills modules. The module CCI makes the students acquainted with the more advanced functions of office applications (Word, PowerPoint and especially Excel). The module Information literacy makes the students acquainted with retrieval of information from different sources.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of the course students are expected to:
- have knowledge of the most important technology used in the domain of biosystems engineering;
- possess advanced ICT skills for office applications.


- lectures;
- tutorials;
- practicals;
- excursions.


- short test each week (total 3), average determines for 20% the final mark;
- written exam (70%; minimum mark 5.0 for each of the three parts plant production engineering, animal production engineering, and greenhouse production engineering). If the mark for one of the parts is <5.0 you have to redo the whole written exam;
- CCI (10%, minimum mark 5.50).
Information literacy is assessed in part 2 (FTE12803 Introduction Biosystems Engineering part 2).


All course information and relevant literature is available on the Learning Environment@WUR. 

Compulsory for: BATBiosystems EngineeringBSc1MO