FNP-50802 Introduction to Sustainable Development Diplomacy


Credits 2.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Group work2
Course coordinator(s)dr. JH Behagel
Lecturer(s)dr. JH Behagel
Examiner(s)dr. JH Behagel

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

ENP-60312 International Environmental Policy consultancy 


This course is specifically designed for the SDD track. It was designed to fill a gap in the program: a course fully focused on SDD as an integral concept (and not parts of it, like development, environment or diplomacy in isolation). Content-wise, the course covers reading and discussing papers, developing one’s own vision on SDD, and presenting a group assignment. Thus, the course will address multiple dimensions of SDD and bring them together in an overarching understanding. As SDD is a concept 'in development', the students are asked to contribute to this development themselves curing the course activities. 

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to: 
- read and understand scientific papers and academic essays on SDD;
- analyse such papers and essays critically;
- develop one’s own vision on SDD;
- apply SDD principles to a sustainability challenge. 


- read and discuss key articles;

- develop a group presentation on SDD applied to a specific theme;

- interactive group discussions.


The examination consists of one individual and one group part. The individual part consists of a short essay based on the article discussions, which contributes to 50% of the final grade. The group part is a presentation of SDD applied to a specific societal theme, with also contributes to 50% of the grade. Both grades need to be at least 5,5 to pass the course. 


Literature will be shared in the course guide and is available on the WUR library.