YML-80321 BSc Thesis Molecular Life Sciences


Credits 21.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)dr. CW Hoogendam
Examiner(s)prof. dr. H van Amerongen
prof. dr. AH Velders
prof. dr. ir. J van der Gucht
prof. dr. T Bisseling
prof. dr. D Weijers
prof. dr. WM de Vos
prof. dr. JT Zuilhof
prof. dr. BJ Zwaan
prof.dr. CS Testerink

Language of instruction:

Dutch and/or English

Assumed knowledge on:

All earlier compulsory courses from the BSc program Molecular Life Sciences.


In this thesis-oriented course students work individually on a subject related to the research activities of one or more of the participating chair groups: BIC, BIP, BNT, GEN, MIB, MOB, ORC, PCC and PPH. The students start with an instruction and assignment on finding papers in the scientific literature. Directions can be found on the Blackboard site. The main activity is to perform a research project with an experimental character. In general, the subjects that can be chosen are supervised by researchers from one or more chair groups and have a multidisciplinary character. Every year new subjects may be offered to the students. Important aspects are working in a research setting and defining objectives for the research project, formulating a model or hypothesis, and making a working plan.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- function in a research setting as demonstrated by his or her performance during the thesis;
- apply fundamental scientific knowledge dealing with problems in a multi-disciplinary setting;
- apply methods commonly used to search the scientific literature;
- define objectives for a research project, formulate a model or hypothesis, and plan and perform experiments;
- adequately report on the research, both orally and in writing.


- literature research;
- aspects of a problem related to the research subject;
- analysis of the research subject in a multidisciplinary way;
- making a working plan;
- designing and performing experiments;
- presentation of the results, both orally and in writing.


students are evaluated based on:
- assignment on scientific writing and finding scientific papers (go/ no-go);
- research competences (25%);
- experimental skills (25%);
- report (30%);
- oral presentation (10%);
- final discussion (10%);


More information on how to organise the BSc thesis and the thesis contract can be found here:

Compulsory for: BMLMolecular Life SciencesBSc1WD+2WD, 5WD+6WD